Customer Feedback

February 2023

I have found that Lavendell’s lavender essential oil is effective for deterring mosquitos. Karen

November 2022

Lavendell’s shampoo bar is good value and lasts a long time. It controls my dandruff, and I also like that it contains only natural ingredients. Brendon

October 2022

My clients find Lavendell’s eye pad to be very therapeutic and they love the lavender fragrance. Robyn

September 2022

My husband had a flaky patch on his scalp and after washing his hair with Lavendell’s liquid hand soap a few times, the patch completely disappeared. Lynette

Your shampoo bar lathers beautifully, leaves my hair squeaky clean and I don’t need conditioner. Chris

I spray your lavender mist on my eczema. It hasn’t cured it, but it takes away the itch, which is such a relief.  Maria

August 2022

Lavendell’s shampoo bar is the only one I use.  Ann

I bought the sleep mask [eye mask] and can recommend it for a good night’s sleep.  Sheila

I love all Lavendell’s lavender products. The wheat bag is such a help when my neck is stiff and sore; the scent is amazing!  Helen