Lavender Wheat Bag

Lavender wheat bags contain wheat and rubbed lavender petals. Lavender wheat bags are heated in the microwave and then held against different parts of the body to soothe sore or stiff muscles and joints.

Lavendell makes wheat bags in two shapes/sizes that we refer to as ‘regular’ and ‘wide’. The regular wheat bag is particularly suited to easing aching shoulders, while the wide wheat bag is suitable for placing on the lower back or hip. It is also a great substitute for a hot water water bottle for children. We can also make rice bags for those who prefer it.

Regular wheat bag (60 x 10cm) – $15.00 (excluding post & packaging)

Wide wheat bag (33 x 13cm) – $13.00 (excluding post & packaging)

Colours and patterns vary – please let us know if you have a preference.